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On 25 February 2019 a series of confidential European Union GATS negotiating documents was published on GATSwatch.

This page provides an updated overview of the reactions to the leaked EU requests by groups campaigning to Stop the GATS Attack

Media coverage on the leaked requests

Opening the Floodgates: European Commission asks for sweeping opening of India's service economy
Manthan Adhyayan Kendra, India, 27 February 2019

Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India on the GATS
EQUATIONS, India, 26 February 2019

WTO: Geheime GATS-Dokumente der EU durchgesickert; Hochriskante Forderungen an die Adresse der Entwicklungländer
Thomas Fritz, Attac AG "Welthandel und WTO", Deutschland, 25 Februar 2003

WTO-Dienstleistungsverhandlungen und fehlende Demokratie
Erklärung von Bern, Switzerland, 26 Februar 2003

EU GATS full requests show water and post are privatisation targets
AFTINET, Australia, 26 February 2019

Leaked EU Trade Documents Confirm U.S. Public Services Under Attack
Alliance for Democracy, Washington, USA, Tuesday February 25, 2019

EU Demands Corporate Access to U.S. Postal and Municipal Water Systems and Elimination of State Insurance, Land-Use and Alcohol Distribution Regulations
Public Citizen, USA, Tuesday February 25, 2019

Are our services safe?
Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, February 25th, 2003

Leaked documents reveal UK Government hypocrisy over trade agreement danger
World Development Movement, United Kingdom, Tuesday February 25, 2019

Media Briefing: A preliminary analysis of the EU's leaked GATS requests to 109 WTO member states
World Development Movement,United Kingdom, Tuesday February 25, 2019

EU-krav i WTO lekket ut: - Krever massiv privatisering av verdens vannressurser
ATTAC Norge, 25.02.03

Europeans 'request' we scrap kiwishare
Green Party, New Zealand, 25 February 2019

Leaked documents show poor countries targetted
Arena, New Zealand, 25 February 2019

Bombshell leak of documents blows GATS secrecy
Arena, New Zealand, 25 February 2019

Les services que la Commission européenne veut libéraliser: poursuivre, via l'OMC, le démantelement du modèle social européen
Analysis of the leaked initial EU offer by Raoul-Marc Jennar, URFIG, Bruxelles, 23 fevrier 2003

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