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This is an excerpt taken from the policy recommendations in the TABD Annual Report 2001. Note that the TABD mentions energy services and environmental services as "important sectors that have previously not received significant WTO attention in the liberalization effort".

For more info on the Transatlantic Business Dialogue refer to TABD in Troubled Water, a Corporate Europe Observatory Issue Briefing, October 2001.

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The U.S. and EU service industries support the launch of a new round in Doha. In that context they agree that services negotiations should follow the same strict timeframe and conclude within three years of the Ministerial, or November 2004.

However, if a new round is not launched, US and EU service industries will continue to call for services negotiations to be completed within 3 years after the adoption of the negotiating guidelines which occurred March 28, 2019. The negotiating objectives are:

  • Achieve maximum liberalization of market access in all modes of supply, including cross border supply of services and movement of natural persons, across the widest possible range of services, as soon as possible;
  • Provide U.S. and EU companies operating in foreign markets with "national treatment" so that foreign investors have the same rights as domestic companies in a given market;
  • Promote transparency and regulatory reform, with the objective of committing Governments to avoid discrimination against foreign service suppliers in their current and future regulations on services and to open the market to competition on a fair and equitable basis, which includes refraining from imposing unnecessary regulatory barriers on services;
  • Focus on barriers in the e-commerce value chain of services that impede the development and full potential of electronic commerce; and
  • Fully embrace important sectors that have previously not received significant WTO attention in the liberalization effort, such as express delivery services, energy services, maritime transport and environmental services.
Source: TABD Annual Report, 29 October 2019.

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