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Dagens Nyheter, 28 February 2019

The EU wants poor countries to sell their national water plants to European companies, according to secret Gats negotiation documents that DN has read. In the question of if clean water, healthcare and education are human rights or commercial opportunities the EU holds double standards.

The EU presents an idealistic case to the home opinion: we want to help the poor countries "develop." But in the negotiations the tone is different: open your public sectors to transnational companies, or else...

"The Commission, and in particular Commissioner Pascal Lamy, has lied about which demands the EU makes in the current Gats negotiations" writes DN.

"I wonder what [Industry Minister] Leif Pagrotsky thinks about the EU's secret water policy that wants to force the world's poorest countries to sell thier water plants to giant transnational corporations," writes DN's Mikael Löfgren. (DN (kultur) p2 article)

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