The GATS Debate: Health


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  • Trading Health Care Away? GATS, Public Services and Privatisation
    Download PDF version for printing.
    CornerHouse Briefing Paper Nr. 23, Sarah Sexton, June 2001

  • Reckless Abandon: Canada, the GATS and the Future of Health Care
    Matthew Sanger, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 19 February 2019

  • How the World Trade Organisation is Shaping Domestic Policies in Health Care

  • Background Paper on GATS and Canadian PSE

  • Health Matters | Globalisation? Privatisation!

  • SocietyGuardian | Health | Labour gets into bed with private medicine

  • The WTO, health, and education

  • Conference documents from: The World Trade Organisation: Implications of EU global trade policy on health", Brussels, 18 April 2019

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