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Final list of Signatories (June 1st 2003):

  1. 11.11.11 (Coalition of the Flemish North South Movement), Belgium
  2. ACME (Association pour un Contrat Mondial sur l'eau), France
  3. Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network
  4. Agir Ici, France
  5. AIDWATCH, Australia
  6. Alliance for Democracy, United States
  7. Alliance of Government Workers in the Water Sector (AGWWAS), the Philippines
  8. Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), the Philippines
  9. Appropriate Development Panel, United Kingdom
  10. Artjol, Spain
  11. ASEED Europe
  12. ASEED Japan
  13. Asia House, Germany
  14. Asia Pacific Network on Food Sovereignty (APNFS)
  15. Australian Greens
  16. ATTAC Austria
  17. ATTAC Belgium
  18. ATTAC Colombia Madre Tierra
  19. ATTAC Denmark
  20. ATTAC Flanders, Belgium
  21. ATTAC France
  22. ATTAC Italy
  23. ATTAC Japan
  24. ATTAC London, United Kingdom
  25. ATTAC Netherlands
  26. ATTAC Spain
  27. ATTAC Sweden
  28. ATTAC Switzerland
  29. Bangladesh Krishok Federation
  30. Berne Declaration, Switzerland
  31. Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen, Belgium
  32. Both ENDS, Netherlands
  33. Bretton Woods Project, United Kingdom
  34. Bund fr Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) / Friends of the Earth, Germany
  35. Buro Ver(?)antwoord, the Netherlands
  36. Business Watch Indonesia
  37. Campagna della Riforma della Banca Mondiale, Italy
  38. Center for Encounters and Active Nonviolence, Austria
  39. Center for International Studies, Managua, Nicaragua
  40. Center for Environmental Public Advocacy, Slovakia
  41. CETIM (Europe - Third World Center), Switzerland
  42. CESTA / Friends of the Earth El Salvador
  43. CIPSI (Coordinamento di Iniziative Popolari di Solidariet Internazionale), Italy
  44. Citizens' Network on Essential Services, United States
  45. COECOCeiba / Friends of the Earth Costa Rica
  46. Coletivo de Comunicacao Acao pela Agua, Brasil
  47. Colibri (Globenet3 Germany)
  48. Council of Canadians, Canada
  49. Comitato Italiano per il Contratto Mondiale dell'Acqua, Italy
  50. Comite Social pro Vida, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  51. Coordinadora de Defensa del Agua y de la Vida, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  52. Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)
  53. Development VISIONS, Pakistan
  54. Dreiknigsaktion/Kath. Jungschar, Austria
  55. Environmental Foundation / Friends of the Earth Sri Lanka
  56. EQUATIONS (Equitable Tourism Options), India
  57. FASE/REBRIP, Brasil
  58. Federacin de Trabajadores Fabriles de Cochabamba, Bolivia
  59. Focus on the Global South, Thailand, India and Philippines
  60. Folkebevegelsen for vann som fellesgode, Norway
  61. Foundation for Community Development, Mozambique
  62. Franciscans OFM - Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) office, Italy
  63. Freedom from Debt Coalition - Water Team, the Philippines
  64. Friends of the Earth Canada
  65. Friends of the Earth France
  66. Friends of the Earth Slovakia
  67. GATS Campaign ATTAC Germany
  68. GE Free New Zealand
  69. Gender and Economic Reforms in Africa, Ghana
  70. GRESEA (Research group for an alternative economic strategy), Belgium
  71. INFOG (Indonesian Forum on Globalization), Indonesia
  72. Initiative Civilcourage, Germany
  73. Initiatives de Dveloppement Stratgique, France
  74. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, United States
  75. Integrated Rural Development Foundation (IRDF), Philippines
  76. Inter-Congregational Environmental Working Group, Italy
  77. International Committee for the Global Water Contract (Lisbon and Brussels)
  78. IRENE Network on Labour and Development, the Netherlands
  79. JACSES, Japan
  80. JPIC Commission of the Society of the Divine Word Missionaries, Japan
  81. JPIC Secretariat of the Claritian Missionaries, Italy
  82. Jubilee Kansai Network, Japan
  83. Jubilee Kyushu on World Debt and Povery, Japan
  84. Jubilee South
  85. JustWorld International, France
  86. Kenya Rainwater Association
  87. KOSA Co-ordination Southern Africa, Germany
  88. Le monde selon les femmes, Belgium
  89. Lunaria, Italy
  90. Marist Brothers of the Schools - Bureau of International Solidarity, Italy
  91. Mexican Action Network on Free Trade (RMALC), Mexico
  92. Milieudefensie / Friends of the Earth Netherlands
  93. Monitoring Sustainability of Globalization (MSN), Malaysia
  94. Movimento Grito das Aguas, Brasil
  95. Municipal Services Project, South Africa and Canada
  96. Mwelekeo Wa Ngo (MWENGO), Eastern and Southern Africa
  97. Naturschutzbund Vorarlberg, Germany
  98. Nei til EU Sandefjord, Norway
  99. Norwegian Church Aid , Norway
  100. L'Observatoire des transnationales, France
  101. ODA Watchers, Japan
  102. Organisation pour le Renforcement des Capacites de Developpement (ORCADE), Burkina Faso
  103. Our Bodies Ourselves, United States
  104. Oxfam International
  105. Oxfam, United Kingdom
  106. Oxfam-Solidarity, Belgium
  107. People & Planet, United Kingdom
  108. Polaris Institute, Canada
  109. PROTOS, Belgium
  110. Public Services International (PSI)
  111. Public Citizen, United States
  112. REDES / Friends of the Earth Uruguay
  113. Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary - JPIC Network, USA
  114. Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, India
  115. Rete di Lilliput, Italy
  116. SAMWU (South African Municipal Workers Union)
  117. Save the Children, United Kingdom
  118. School Sisters of Notre Dame, Italy
  119. Shripad Dharmadhikary, Manthan Adhyayan Kendra, India
  120. Social Watch
  121. SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations), the Netherlands
  122. Sweetwater Alliance, Michigan, USA
  123. Swiss Coalition of Development Organizations
  124. Tearfund, United Kingdom
  125. Transnational Institute (TNI)
  126. UGD, Austria
  127. La Unidad Ecologica Salvadorea (UNES), El Salvador
  128. Unione degli Universitari, Italy
  129. UNISON, United Kingdom
  130. VODO (Flemish Platform on Sustainable Development), Belgium
  131. WALHI (Indonesian Forum for Environment), Indonesia
  132. War on Want, United Kingdom
  133. WaterAid, United Kingdom
  134. Water Pressure Group, Auckland, New Zealand
  135. Water Watch Penang, Malaysia
  136. Wells for India, United Kingdom
  137. Weltumspannend Arbeiten, Austria
  138. WEMOS, the Netherlands
  139. Werkgroep Globalisering Delft-Den Haag, the Netherlands
  140. WIDE (Network Women in Development Europe)
  141. Women's Intenational League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Netherlands section
  142. Women's Intenational League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Swedish section
  143. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, United Kingdom section
  144. World Development Movement, United Kingdom
  145. World Economy, Ecology & Development (WEED), Germany
  146. XminY Solidariteitsfonds, the Netherlands

GATSwatch is a joint project of Corporate Europe Observatory and Transnational Institute
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