Take education out of GATS

[Please note, we only want to take signatures from education-related organisations and educational professionals // Agradecemos que solo firmen la Declaracion las organizaciones vinculadas a la educacion y profesores, docentes y academicos en general // Tomar em consideração que somente temos interesse em recolher assinaturas de organizações e de profissionais da area de educação ]

Statement launched on 20th August 2003! Once the ball is rolling, this webpage will be the main focal point of the "Take education out of GATS" international sign-on statement. It will contain the sign-on statement itself (in an increasing number of languages, hopefully) as well as a frequently-updated list of signatories.

The following is an email (originally written in English) that was initially circulated with the statement: English, Portugese. This email helps explain the concept and motivation behind the launch of the statement; please do take the time to read it. (Of course, when you sign-up to the statement this does not mean you necessarily have to agree with my email!)

Full instructions for signing are included in the statement - please read - but the basic idea is to email your organisation's details to education@gatswatch.org. If you have any queries feel free to email this address. Please urge your organisations, wherever they are in the world, to sign-up quickly!!

And here are the current signatories (February 13 2005):

Organisational signatures

  1. APFL (aktive pflichtschullehrerInnen), Austria
  2. A Asduerj (Associação de Docentes da Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro), Brazil
  3. Anakbayan, Philippines
  4. ANDES-SN, Brazil
  5. Association of University Staff of New Zealand
  6. Association of University Teachers (AUT), UK
  7. Attac-University of Ghent, Belgium
  8. BUPL (The Danish National Federation of Early Childhood Teachers and Youth Educators), Denmark
  9. Centro dos Professores do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul-Sindicato dos Trabalhadores em Educação - CPERS/Sindicato, Brazil
  10. Centro Educazione alla Mondialita' / Global Education Centre, Brescia, Italy
  11. Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Educação (CNTE), Brazil
  12. Le Conseil départemental des Parents d'Elèves des Hautes-Alpes (CDPE05), à Gap, France
  13. Dansk Magisterforening (Danish Masters’ Association), Denmark
  14. Fórum Nacional em Defesa da Escola Pública (FNDEP), Brasil
  15. Gender and Education Office (GEO) of the International Council for Adult Education, Uruguay
  16. Grenada Community Development Agency (GRENCODA), Grenada
  17. Human Scale Education, UK
  18. International Council for Adult Education, Uruguay
  19. League of Filipino Students, Philippines
  20. National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (NATFHE), UK
  21. National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), Australia
  22. National Union of Students, Australia
  23. National Union of Students in Europe (ESIB)
  24. National Union of Students of the Philippines
  25. National Union of Teachers, UK
  26. National Union of Teachers (Ealing branch), UK
  27. OELI/UG (Oesterreichische LehrerInnen Initiative/Unabhaengige GewerkschafterInnen) - Austrian Teacher's Initiative, Austria
  28. Observatório Latino-Americano de Políticas Educacionais, Brazil
  29. Pakistan Association For Adult/Continuing Education (PACADE), Pakistan
  30. Parteiunabhängige LehrerInnenliste (Austrian teachers' union), Austria
  31. People and Planet (Student campaign group), UK
  32. Quality Public Education Coalition (QPEC), New Zealand
  33. Red de Educacion Popular entre Mujeres (REPEM), Uruguay
  34. ADUFU-SS (Seção Sindical dos Docentes da Universidade Federal de Uberlândia), Brazil
  35. SDEN CGT 05, France
  36. SUD éducation 05, Hautes-Alpes, France
  37. Unione degli Studenti, Italy
  38. Unione degli Universitari, Italy
  39. UT Watch, University of Texas, USA
  40. Vorarlberger Lehrerinnen- und Lehrer-Initiative (VLI), Austria
We have also been contacted by the Asociación de Universidades Grupo Montevideo (AUGM) [ the Universities Asociation of the Montevideo Group: 15 public and autonomous universities from Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) ] and informed about the Porto Alegre Declaration (Spanish) which expresses similar sentiments to the statement. The declaration is the "Declaration of the Rectors, Presidents, Directors of Higher Education Institutions and Associations and other academic authorities participating in the III Summit of Iberian and Latin American Public Universities Rectors." (April 27, 2019) There is an English version

Individual signatures of education professionals