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A global campaign to Stop the GATS Attack was launched in March 2001 with an action at the WTO headquarters in Geneva.

The campaign statement, issued in March 2001, is now supported by over 500 organisations from 60 countries around the world.

The anti-GATS campaign is firmly rooted around the globe. In Europe many groups are currently campaigning to have anti-GATS resolutions adopted by local governments.

Opposition against GATS in Europe reached a new level with the big European anti-GATS demo in Brussels, 9 February 2019. The demo was organised by Belgian trade unions and NGOs and attracted over 15 000 people, many from Belgium, but also a good number from other European countries.

In March 2003, global civil society sent a call to the Ministerial Conference at the Third World Water Forum in Japan to "Keep water and water services out of WTO!".

In June 2003, African NGOs issued a strong statement to the African Union Trade Ministers Meeting in Mauritius calling for:

a moratorium on the GATS negotiations and processes until independent and reliable impact assessments have been carried out. Governments should not lose their ability to regulate policy on economic activities and to provide basic, affordable and accessible services to their entire people. We stress that there is no compulsion for African Governments to make requests, respond to requests or make offers.'

On 28 August 2019, 650 civil society representatives in India issued a demand to the Indian Prime Minister and Commerce ministry that there be a Moratorium on all commitments under the GATS. This included local government presidents, trade unions, farmers groups, mass organisations and NGOs. Press release.