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19 November 2019

Dear all,

Thanks to the mobilization of partner organisations, the Europe Attac network and our local committees, the petition has been signed on by over 92 European deputies and over 36 national deputies. See the list of signatories as of November 7th.

This good result will facilitate a hearing on the GATS in the European parliament pretty soon. We still have one month to mobilize the European and national deputies who have not yet signed the petition.

The deadline for signatures is NOVEMBER 29th for European deputies and DECEMBER 7th for national deputies. You can e-mail additional signatories to <>.

The official announcement of the petition results will be made on the 11th of DECEMBER during a press conference in Brussels. Some Attac and partner organisations representatives will be present. We will inform you concerning the place and time of the event later.

To stress on the importance of the event on DECEMBER 11th, an action will be launched targeting Pascal Lamy, European Trade Commissioner:

Description of the GATS "Presents to Lamy" action

This action will be carried out with the help of Belgian postal workers' unions and we hope will, with the press conference, lead to maximum visibility of the campaign and its objectives.

The aim of the action is to send a large number of "presents" to Pascal Lamy! These "presents" should be voluminous but not heavy, (indeed empty, in solidarity with the Belgian postal workers). Lamy is giving away innumerable "presents" in our name via the GATS. He should be "compensated" for these gifts.

Send your parcel as soon as possible and at least a week before the 11th of December to:

(pour Mr Lamy)
89, Av. du Parc
1060 Bruxelles

Our friends in Brussels will be in charge of stocking and reposting the parcels to Pascal Lamy, so he will receive everything the 11th of December in the afternoon.

Since the parcels will not be opened, they should be decorated : use texts, documents on GATS, petitions, stickers, badges, flags, symbolical things (mirror for thansparency, false water and electricity invoices, false reimbursement of Social Security, school manuals, public transport tickets...) and a lot of others ideas which represent the dangers of the GATS for all the citizens. We want good pictures for TV !

Best regards,

Susan George
Annabelle Chassagnieux
Marc Delepouve
WTO and GATS commission for Attac France

GATSwatch is a joint project of Corporate Europe Observatory and Transnational Institute
Paulus Potterstraat 20, 1071 DA Amsterdam, The Netherlands