13 March European Action Day: Stop the GATS Attack, Protect Public Services for Everyone

Report of action in Brussels, 12 March

This morning two dozen of activists gathered in front of the "Concilium", the building of the European Council where at 10 a.m. the Committee 133 would discuss the second draft of the EU initial Gats offer. Leaflets and press releases were handed out an a huge banner saying "Our world is not for sale" was attached to the gates. Peoples held cardboards saying "Stop Gats" and "Water out of Gats". The activists belonged to Oxfam Solidarity, 11.11.11., Attac and the student organisation FEF (the unions were occupied by a large demonstration about the metal industry in Liège).

The activists stayed until they where received by the Greek chair of the Article 133 committee to whom they delivered the press release and comments on the GATS-agreement. The chair promised to deliver these to the committee members. The chair said not to worry about the public services like health, education and water; that they were secured; but he thought it was only normal that Europe would make offers in transport, postal services and energy, because these were already (being) liberalised in Europe.

Good luck with the actions tomorrow!

Marc Maes (11.11.11)