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CEO Requests Access to Documents

On 19 February 2019, I submitted an official request for access to European Commission documents on behalf of Corporate Europe Observatory.

On 27 March 2019, my request was answered by the European Commission. The reply included several EC documents, which are available on line. The original copies are on file with CEO. Please note that according to the Code of Conduct on Access to Documents from the Council and Commission, these documents cannot be copied, printed or sent for commercial purposes without previous agreement from the Commission.

Although the documents I had received were interesting, I was sure that the Commission hadn't sent me everything, so on 26 April 2019 I sent an appeal, requesting for the missing documents.

This appeal was answered by the Director-General of DG trade, Mr. Carl, on 18 June 2019. Only one additional document was added to this reply. In his letter, Mr. Carl argued that "no other documents respond to the description in the request and those that do are exempt from disclosure by Article 4(1) ('international relations')."

On 28 June I have sent an additional appeal to the EC Secretary General, in which I challenge the arguments on which I was denied access to the documents.

Erik Wesselius
Corporate Europe Observatory

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